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A Beautiful Mess Part II

October 24, 2019

As a passionate gardener I love digging my hands in the dirt, sowing the smallest of seeds and seeing the wonder of a show stopping garden spring forth. But as any gardener understands, it truly is a labor of love — emphasis on LABOR.

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Relationships: A Beautiful Mess

October 12, 2019

Relationships can be wonderful, providing a richness and depth to our life journey like nothing else. We are created for relationships, but honestly, relationships can be downright messy.

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Getting to the Bottom of Anger

September 27, 2019

Underneath each episode of anger are a message and a chance to glimpse into your internal belief system. When a basic, unconscious value has been violated, you will feel anger.

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3 Types of Relationships Everyone Needs

September 13, 2019

Relationships are important! We actually seek relationships that “confirm” who we believe we are. Healthy people seek healthy relationships because they are accustomed to having healthy, positive interactions and feedback in their lives....

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