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We work from a wholistic perspective to guide individuals, families, and organizations into hope, wellness, and life.  our method pays attention to the physical, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual aspects of who you are.  



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We will walk with you into finding hope, wellness, and life.

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"I highly recommend The Well Clinic for psychological services...I am confident that those who I refer to the clinic will receive the best treatment." (Read full recommendation) 

-Dr. Melinda H. Le, Ph.D. 

Mental Health Service / Student Health Center
Louisiana State University

"...at The Well Clinic, LLC... They are a group who share my desire to see all people walk in the freedom and healing God has for them(Read full recommendation) 

-Gered Lambert

Pastor Staff
Healing Place Church

How do we think?  To what do we attend?


AT THE WELL CLINIC, WE pay attention to THE PHYSICAL, psychological, social, CULTURAL, AND SPIRITUAL ASPECTS OF who you are to better understand your circumstances and experiences and to provide a clear direction for treatment and guidance.


 Why do we pay attention to all of these factors?  Because diagnosis is so important.  What do you normally think when you hear the word "diagnosis?"  We generally think of labels such as ADHD, Bipolar, or another culturally familiar term.  But the word diagnosis means so much more.  "Dia" means thorough.  "Gnosis" means knowledge.  The word diagnosis means "a thorough knowledge or understanding."  A proper diagnosis is so important because it drives proper treatment.  When you understand what is really going on from a holistic perspective (i.e, the body, soul, relationships, culture, and spirit), you can take the right steps towards hope, wellness, life, healing, and freedom.  

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Chaos, Anxiety, Depression.  So many times we live with the sense that our world will never change, but there is hope, a confident expectation in a desired outcome!  Let us walk with you into finding a life-changing hope.  

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Wellness is more than one good decision.  It is a rhythm of healthy living.  We can help you find a rhythm of wellness that impacts your body, soul, relationships, and spirit.

Live life to its fullest


From our perspective, life is not just about surviving.  It is about living fully in any situation in which you find yourself and engaging what really matters.  We can guide you into living an abundant life. 




At The Well Clinic, we are a team of highly trained and qualified clinicians with years of experience. We are also always learning and continuing our education to give you the best care possible.  Please take some time and read about us.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Dr. Andrew Yarborough. Psyciatric Services BAton Rouge and Prairieville and Baton Rouge. The Well Clinic Counseling and Therapy

Andrew Yarborough, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (#1161)

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Melody Yarborough Medication Management Baton Rouge. The Well Clinic Counseling and Therapy


Nurse Practitioner

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ANDREW magers, PSY.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist (#1431)

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Rochelle Fernandez

Office Manager

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Lydia Young 

Nurse Practioner

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It can be a bit scary and a little intimidating trying to find the "right" therapist or medical provider, someone you can trust to help you "unpack your bags." 

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