Andrew Yarborough, Psy.D.

Andrew Magers, Psy.D.

Contact our office for fees for the following services:

  • Initial 15 minute consultation 
  • Individual counseling – Initial intake 
  • Individual counseling – Follow-up sessions.
  • Couples counseling – Initial intake 
  • Couples counseling – Follow-up sessions 
  • Pre-marital counseling - Initial intake and follow-up sessions
  • Family counseling – Initial intake
  • Family counseling – Follow-up sessions
  • Group counseling – Per person/per 75 minute session
  • Psychological testing and evaluation 

The Well Clinic offers free, in-house, 15-minute consultations for anyone interested in meeting us and seeing The Well Clinic.  These consultations will give you an opportunity to ask questions and assess if we are a good fit for you.  


Melody Yarborough, Nurse Practitioner

Lydia Young, Nurse Practitioner

Initial Evaluations. - Contact our office for fee

Medication Follow-ups. - Contact our office for fee