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5 Ways to Handle Slander

April 18, 2019

5 Ways to Handle Slander

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Boundaries 101 Rule 4

April 11, 2019

When we overvalue our ability to keep someone or an organization safe or healthy, we feel trapped and forfeit our agency to make decisions. We unduly protect the other’s interests at the cost of our own.

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Boundaries 101 Rule 3

April 4, 2019

Saying “no” to someone can be extremely difficult, especially when it is someone you care about. But when we exhaust our resources helping someone...it prevents us from coming back again to the table to serve.

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Boundaries 101 Rule 2

March 27, 2019

Last week we discussed my first rule of boundaries: you must define what your boundaries are and communicate them clearly. Here we'll talk about the second rule for boundaries.

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