3 Ways We Can Serve You Online

Here at The Well Clinic, we wanted to share 3 ways we can help you during this time! We have both free and affordable options to guide you into hope, wellness, and life. Here are a few options:

1. Telehealth + Adding Staff Members

We are so excited to now be offering Telehealth communication options to our practice. This way we'll be able to meet and counsel you online no matter where you are and maintain social distancing. Our medical providers are offering virtual appointments as well. Because we are now able to reach more people through teletherapy and telemedicine, we have expanded our team! We have a specialist for every stage of life including children, and we are offering additional evening hours for teletherapy. Find out more by calling our front desk to set up an appointment today (225.692.4113).

2. Rhythms Online Video Series Workshop

If you are wanting to work on yourself and grow in areas of forgiveness, learn how to set healthy boundaries, and create sustainable rhythms to help you thrive in your life, we are now offering our online Rhythms video series workshop for $49 until the end of April! This self-paced video series is usually $250, and it is filled with over 16 videos and workbooks of our most talked about topics and workshops. Click the link to see if Rhythms is the right option for you: www.mywellclinic.com/rhythms.

Don’t forget to use the code HEALTH49 on the payment page to take advantage of our promotion until the end of the month!

3. Our Blog and Social Media

We pour a lot of resources and research into our blog and Facebook content. On Facebook, we share weekly posts from different seminars we've hosted and encouraging and thought-provoking messages through our Facebook Lives. If you are following us on Facebook you'll also be notified when we release our latest blog content. If you are new, here are a few of our favorite blogs to get started:

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We hope you found this content helpful in the different ways we could best help serve you.

If there is a topic you would love for us to cover leave a comment below! We love being able to guide you into hope, wellness, and life.