Taylor Bourque

Graduate Student

Taylor joined The Well Clinic in 2015 as a member of the front office administration, while continuing her education in mental health. Her aspirations are to walk with individuals on their journey into hope, wellness and life.

Taylor graduated from Louisiana State University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology, and is currently enrolled at Houston Baptist University working towards her Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy. Taylor will graduate in December of 2022, and is currently practicing as a graduate student intern at The Well Clinic. Taylor’s experience is with children (adolescents and teens), adults and couples.

Throughout her practicing, Taylor has helped guide individuals, couples, and families through Identity development, gender dysphoria, grief, anxiety, affair recovery, loss, and trauma. She has been instrumental in the design and development of The Well Clinic’s Child and Adolescent Center, and both studies and implements existing and emerging techniques in play therapy.

Taylor has lived in Baton Rouge for five years with her husband and three children. In her free time you may find her volunteering in her community, at a farmers market, or with her family at a park. She personally enjoys candles, Gilmore Girls, and all holiday decorations— especially Christmas!